40,000 Trees

Photo by Aapo Haapanen via FlickrSince 2011's Earth Day, around 65 million student writing assignments were submitted to Turnitin. If all these papers were submitted, graded online with GradeMark, and returned to students ... all without printing, together we could've saved nearly 40,000 trees!

Alright, well let's do some math:

65 Million student writing assignments submitted to Turnitin ...

With an average length of 5.2 pages per assignment ...

That's 338 Billion pages ...

With an average of 8,333 sheets of paper in a tree (Conservatree) ...

Saves the world 40,562 trees ... if we went paperless!

Truth is, when you add in revisions, reflection, and PeerMark peer review assignments, we could save a lot more than this. But we'd only save these trees if you went completely paperless.

So thank you Turnitin Teachers for doing your part, and let's take it to the next level by reducing the amount of paper used in your classes.

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