Successful Students Use Turnitin

Students who do not use their school’s library writing centers are missing important, helpful programs, and their grades may be suffering because of this. Online universities offer some very useful tools that can help students to edit their papers, locate scholarly journals, and even double-check for plagiarism issues. One of the most useful programs available to students is OriginalityCheck by Turnitin.

The successful student will do their research through the school’s library database search engines. Once they have written their paper, and have double-checked that they have met all of the teacher’s requirements, they will submit their assignment to Turnitin (required by many schools). OriginalityCheck is the leading program that checks for plagiarism issues. The program carries over 150 million archived papers. There are a variety of websites where students can purchase papers. Schools are very aware of these sites and programs like Turnitin will catch these papers. Students should be aware that professors will submit their papers to Turnitin and will catch them if they try to submit work that is not their own.

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