Turnitin Teaches 21st Century Skills

At the Virtual School Society Conference on April 22, 2010, we presented on "Improving Tomorrow’s Writers Today with Turnitin.” Given today’s global economy and the ever-evolving workplace, today’s students need to learn how to develop inquiry, collaborate effectively, think critically, solve problems, make decisions and exhibit technical proficiency. Instructors often struggle with finding a balance between teaching students mandatory course content while enhancing their students’ 21st century skills, especially if it requires technological savvy. Many instructors are skeptical of whether technology is really the answer to better preparing students for tomorrow or whether it is just another distraction from important instructional content. In our presentation, we illustrated how Turnitin can give instructors an opportunity to teach both content and skills while saving them time and increasing the amount and type of feedback on student writing.

20120725 21centuryskillsAs students write about course content and engage in higher-level cognitive thought processes, they learn better. Add the collaborative and self-assessment tools available through Turnitin, and students begin to use technology to inquire, collaborate, make decisions, problem solve, etc. Instructors also can manage the assignments and feedback on those assignments all within the online learning environment.

Our whitepaper titled, "Turnitin: A Web-Based Technology for Collaborative Writing and Learning” further discusses how Turnitin correlates with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills framework and the American Association of Librarians standards for 21st Century Skills. We invite you to take a look.

For a more 21st Century dive into this topic, watch our Turnitin Academy webinar on "Developing 21st Century Skills with Turnitin." View a recording of this webinar here.