#Reason2Write: We Have a Winner!

It’s hard to believe that six weeks have passed since the Back-to-School season began in earnest and our #Reason2Write campaign has come to end. Thank you for taking the time to share what motivates you to write. Responses were heartfelt and entertaining, and our team is endlessly grateful that writing matters to all of you just as much as it does to us.

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce that the winner of #Reason2Write 2017 is Reggie Evans. Here’s what he shared:

Growing up with dyslexia, made reading and writing difficult. One of the exercises that helped me as a child, was to write down things that happened during the day that were important. This daily writing exercise is something that I still continue to this day. It has enabled me to stay focused and organized.

Thanks so much for your contribution, Reggie! Look for a message from us via social media! It was so challenging to select a winner out of the hundreds of great responses we received. Here are some other posts that resonated with us.

Danielle Kuntz: My #Reason2Write is to channel my emotions into something worth contributing to the world. If I'm feeling bad, I can show it metaphorically!

Karen L Smith: Because writing helps me to discover what I'm thinking ... and the flaws in my thought processes

Christine Peterson: To organize the pinging thoughts in my brain--and to hopefully help others feel less alone.

Nick2Quick: Expressing history or thoughts through written language is pretty cool. Not to mention it's the closest thing to time travel.

Leif Utler‏:  Because I want my students to know that writing is not an assignment for them but an expression of them

Sara Dion: #Reason2Write To contribute and chronicle comfort, caution, creativity, code, color, candor, counterpoint, communiques and cases in point.

Jason William Fisher:  #Reason2Write Because nothing is more rewarding than being a part of a student finding their own unique voice & empowering them with it!

Miss Erray: My #reason2write is to bring sound to the deaf, color to the colorblind, voice to the dumb, and fantastic worlds to the vicarious explorer.

Mr. Phan: I write to remind myself that I'm making a difference daily; it's easy to forget the big picture during the daily grind.

Dr. Williams: In Chemistry (and science in general), if it isn't written, then it didn't happen. 

Sally McCourt Welsh #Reason2write As a kid, reading was my escape, my "happy place." It provided a sense of security and calm. The reading led to a love of writing and of understanding good writing vs. poor writing. Now, I see that when I write, I am a builder, and words are my tools. Knowing how to use the correct tool for the task results in an optimal outcome.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for Reggie’s shout-out and appearance on The Written Word. The last six weeks showed us that writing is tremendously important on so many levels, so we hope that you keep writing with Turnitin!