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Creating an Academic Integrity Community through Campus Partnerships and Educational Initiatives

In this session, Dr. Orr will present strategies and steps for creating such partnerships. Webinar participants will discover new ways to engage faculty, staff, and students in creating communities of integrity.

Top 10 Tips for Implementing an Academic Integrity Policy

Kathie Ardzejewska (PhD) will give her top 10 tips on implementing an Academic Integrity Policy. She has recently rewritten the University of Notre Dame's AI policy and will share some of the things she has learned from that process. 

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Strategies for Differentiating Writing Instruction Through Collaborative Conversations

Scientific Publishing’s Wild West: Retractions, Post-Publication Peer Review, and Fraud

Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus founded Retraction Watch in 2010. Unbeknownst to them, retractions had grown ten-fold in the previous decade.

The Role of Faculty in Academic Integrity Initiatives

It takes a village to nurture academic integrity on college campuses. A successful integrity initiative will include students, administrators, and faculty, each with critical roles.

Plagiarism Detected: A Practical Guide to Judicious Investigation of Suspected Academic Misconduct

When a faculty member suspects student plagiarism, it is important to not only determine if plagiarism occurred, but to do so in a fair, ethical and policy compliant manner. This session will present a process to investigate, document the plagiarism, and ultimately discourage plagiarism.