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Turnitin and Canvas: “Two Great Things that Go Great Together”

What are two great things that go even better together? Canvas and Turnitin, of course! Interested in learning more about how you can better leverage the use of Turnitin Similarity Reports in your Canvas assignments? Want to know what additional extensions you need to setup the Turnitin LTI external tool so that it meets your faculty’s needs best?

Technology in Hong Kong Classrooms

Of the 1,100+ schools in Hong Kong; several have a reputation as tech-rich. They are seen as the developers of technologies that support teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in schools across Asia. She will share top 10's as used at several of these tech-rich schools. These include apps, tools and services.

How to Implement Innovative Technology in Australian Classrooms

Toby Trewin will discuss how to implement innovative technology in Australian classrooms.

Technology in New Zealand Classrooms

Des Waters will discuss Technology in New Zealand Classrooms, which will include preparing schools for online assessments and reviewing a wide variety of classroom e-learning applications.

[Handout] Plagiarism Spectrum: 10 Types of Plagiarism

The "Plagiarism Spectrum" identifies 10 types of plagiarism based on findings from a worldwide survey of nearly 900 secondary and higher education instructors.


Not All Plagiarism is Created Equal

For both higher and secondary education institutions, plagiarism has become a rapidly-growing concern for their academic reputations.