WriteCheck for Students:
Formative Writing Tools for Students

Developed by the creators of Turnitin, WriteCheck helps students check for plagiarism, correct grammar and receive feedback from professional tutors on their written work.

WriteCheck makes it easy to identify and attribute material that may have been unintentionally plagiarized.

  • Instant plagiarism check of similar content, citations and sources
  • Feedback on grammar, spelling and word usage
  • Receive critiques on writing from Pearson professional tutors
  • Affordable and easy to use

Important: WriteCheck is for students who want an independent evaluation of a paper -- not connected with any particular course or class. If your instructor has asked you to turn your paper in through Turnitin, please contact your instructor for your class ID number and a class enrollment password. Once you have this information, login to Turnitin.

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Plagiarism Checker
By Turnitin®

Plagiarism Check

Instant analysis of similar content, citations
and sources

Easy to understand results

Same technology as Turnitin® used
by 24+ million students

Grammar Checker
Using ETS® technology

Grammar Check

Receive instant feedback on grammar,
spelling and word usage

Integrated writer's handbooks

Same technology as GRE® and TOEFL®
tests used by millions of students

Professional Tutoring
By Pearson Tutor Services

Professional Tutoring

Proven results to increase student success
and confidence in writing

Individualized critique of your writing

Feedback typically within 12 hours

WriteCheck Searches:

45+ Billion Current & Archived Web Pages
Our search technology crawls and indexes the web, checking your paper against more than 45 billion current and archived web pages.

337+ Million Student Papers
WriteCheck plagiarism checker screens your paper for plagiarism against the world's largest repository of student papers - 337 million and counting.

130,000+ Publications
WriteCheck and Turnitin are partnered with leading content providers: including text book publishers, newspapers and magazines to compare against student papers.

Instructor and Student Reviews

Programs such as Turnitin and WriteCheck are extremely helpful to students, especially those without easy access to a writing center. Students learn how to become better writers by writing and rewriting papers. WriteCheck and Turnitin provide helpful information to students to guide them through the paper revision process and develop written communication skills which are essential to success in school and in the workplace.

Amy M. Hall, RN, PhD, CNE
Chair and White Family Endowed Professor of Nursing
Dunigan Family Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
University of Evansville

I think the speed of WriteCheck is phenomenal. I have used it for several papers and have never had a problem, but it gives me that extra confidence prior to sending the paper to my professor!

Kelly, Jacksonville University

WriteCheck has been a very useful tool for me. I have become a better writer and a more creditable writer through WriteCheck.

Amy, Oklahoma State University

WriteCheck plagiarism checker was developed with substantial input from educators who saw the need for a tool that helps students become more responsible and accountable when using outside sources.

Unlike the multitude of free plagiarism checker services found on the Internet, WriteCheck does not harvest students' work for resale in global paper mills and cheat sites. Backed by the world leader in intellectual property protection services, WriteCheck uses the power of Turnitin to supply students with a report that highlights text matches found in our extensive database. Students can easily verify that those sections are properly quoted, summarized or paraphrased with citations without worrying that their paper will be recycled without their knowledge.

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