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More than 3,500 higher education institutions use Turnitin, including 69 percent of the top 100 colleges and
universities in the U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges list.

We want to graduate students who have good ethics and are well prepared to go into the world. Turnitin is a resource that helps us achieve that goal.
Paula Brillson, Franklin University

Berkeley City College

Stephanie Sanders-Badt
Instructor, Health Sciences

Cal State University E. Bay

Jiansheng Guo
Professor and Interim Associate Dean

San Jose State University

Tiffany Ballard
Instructor, English Dept.

Educator Spotlight Series

Showcasing best practices and strategies to evaluate student learning using Turnitin.

Turnitin All Star

Promoting Original Writing for Undergraduate Freshman and Graduate Nursing Students

Jennifer Schroeder, Assistant Professor
Millikin University

Turnitin All Star

Evaluating Real-World Assignments to Engage Students and Improve Communication Skills

Rebecca Hewett, English Professor
California State University, Bakersfield

Turnitin Usage by California State University Campuses Reaches Record Levels

Online originality checking and grading service helps CSU promote academic integrity
across 23 campuses; anticipates triple digit growth. Read More

Grading & Feedback

Improve Teaching and Learning

Faculty at Drexel University continue to tap the power of instructional technology with Turnitin, which allows instructors to enhance learning, better manage assignments, improve workflow efficiencies, and streamline the grading process. Read More

Incorporate an Instructional Support Tool

At Eastern Michigan University, teachers use Turnitin as an efficient and paperless instructional support system that speeds up the feedback process with comprehensive originality checking capabilities and online grading. Read More

Provide Targeted Instruction for the Underprepared

At Citrus College, instructors use Turnitin to provide targeted instruction and in-depth feedback to close the preparation gap that exists for many of their students. Read More

Preventing Plagiarism

Shift Perceptions of Plagiarism in a Digital Age

With changing student perceptions of what constitutes plagiarism, it is challenging to combat plagiarism in today’s digital age. Instructors at Kentucky Wesleyan College use Turnitin to teach the meaning of “originality” and proper academic writing. Read More

Address Plagiarism in a Virtual Environment

Instructors at Coastline Community College use Turnitin to help students develop their writing voices and to teach them proper citation methods, especially in the context of distance learning courses. Read More

Manage Online Courses & Uphold Academic Integrity

At Florida International University, instructors use Turnitin as a tool to emphasize the importance of learning proper citation practices. Turnitin doubles as an effective online classroom management system with discussions, calendars, assignments, and graded papers that all live online. Read More

Broaden an Institutional Plagiarism Policy

To address plagiarism, teachers incorporate Turnitin into a larger plan at Lindenwood University that involves a writing placement program, the development of a strict plagiarism policy, and a mandate to pass a writing test to graduate. Read More

Improving Writing Skills

Develop Overall Writing Skills

At the University of Evansville, teachers use Turnitin to prepare students for the future by facilitating the writing feedback process, increasing student awareness of plagiarism, and targeting instruction to areas where students are struggling. Read More

Engaging Students

Engage Students with Online Peer Review

At Collin College, Turnitin allows instructors to accommodate diverse learning needs with a digital peer review platform. Instructors can easily facilitate peer feedback and discussion—and side-step the burden of physical papers—while developing students’ critical thinking skills. Read More

Focus on Feedback

With Turnitin, instructors at Great Falls College Montana State University spend less time on tedious, administrative tasks, and more time giving extensive feedback on plagiarism and citation practices in a paperless environment. Read More

Use Turnitin to Boost Student Engagement

In the midst of today’s instantaneous and accessible online culture, instructors at San Diego State University are challenged to engage students in the feedback process. Instructors use Turnitin to improve student engagement as they front-load online feedback into rough drafts as opposed to focusing on the final draft in a more traditional, grade-based approach. Read More

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