Items tagged "ONLINE FEEDBACK"

Avoiding Unintentional Plagiarism

David Shreiber

Graduate Programs Director

Rutgers University, New Jersey

Shreiber’s institution requires that students submit work to Feedback Studio to highlight intentional or innocent plagiarism. This affords students an opportunity to fix their work, before it is scrutinized in a high-stakes academic environment.

Using Turnitin’s SEER Rubric to Build Digital Literacy Practices

Monica Tolva


Vernon Hills High School, Illinois

Monica Tolva is a Librarian as a small school who coordinates with literacy coaches across content areas—not just English and reading—to try to increase student effectiveness in gathering and analyzing information to solve problems.

Giving Students a Research-Based Education in the 21st Century

Cynthia Christopherson

English Teacher

North Stafford High School, Virginia

Cynthia Christopherson, a High School English teacher, encounters underprepared students every year. She relies on Turnitin Feedback Studio as a check for similar content.

Using Turnitin to Empower Students to Become Life-Long Learners

Nancy Ruffell

English Teacher

Snowflake High School, Arizona

Nancy Ruffell uses Turnitin Feedback Studio’s Similarity Index to help students integrate sources, paraphrase properly, and analyze existing scholarship.

Providing Customized Feedback through Writing Portfolios

Peter Frengel

English Teacher

Harrisburg Academy, Pennsylvania

Peter Frengel has been leveraging the online portfolio to provide customized instruction and create efficient in-class workshops where students can quickly pull up their comments.

Addressing Each Student with Feedback Studio

Mark Vital

English and AP Psychology Teacher

Advanced Math And Science Academy Charter School, Massachusetts

Mark Vital uses Turnitin to ensure consistent, in-depth, and effective instruction in two vastly different learning contexts.

Grading Across the Curriculum

Marc Helgeson

Language Arts Teacher

Rich Central High School, Illinois

By expanding the creativity of his assignments, Mark Helgeson is using Turnitin as an evaluative tool for students who are more engaged—students who are analyzing concepts and applying what they learn to their own cultural and personal context.

Creating a Culture of Openness and Student Engagement in Writing

Brandi Harris

English Professor

North Lake College, Texas

Harris meets the challenges of literature classes, where scrutiny revolves around content, organization, and making sure the evidence students provide is good and solid.

Evaluating Student Work in Psychology Courses

Nayena Blankson

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Spelman College, Georgia

Blankson saves time and customizes her grading process with her own QuickMark sets, providing students with differentiated instrution.

Providing Targeted and Customized Feedback to Community College Students

Alan Loya

English Professor

Citrus College, California

Alan Loya explains how Turnitin can be used to customize feedback and prepare students to write at the university level.

Using Turnitin Feedback Studio as an Information Literacy Tool

Janice Webb

Associate Librarian

Coleman University, California

With a large contingent of information-technology students who are not help-seeking and who have trouble with citations, Webb engages them with instructional videos on plagiarism prevention and proper citation practices.

Promoting Original Writing for Undergraduate Freshman and Graduate Nursing Students

Jennifer Schroeder

Assistant Professor

Millikin University, Illinois

Schroeder uses Turnitin Feedback Studio to promote academic integrity, independent thought, and ethical reasoning for both undergraduate and graduate students.

An Open Learning Environment

Mary Lawson

Professor of English

Houston Community College, Texas

Lawson uses Turnitin not merely as a plagiarism checker, but as a tool to help students in the writing process. For Lawson, the most important thing is that the students learn and talk about effective writing practices and not that she catches her students cheating.