Putting Research Into Practice

Zeenath Reza Khan

Instructor in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences:

University of Wollongong, Dubai

For Zeenath Reza Khan winning the 2015 Turnitin Academic Integrity Award for the Africa and Middle East region concluded an extremely successful year. The instructor from the University of Wollongong in Dubai also received her PhD in September from the university’s sister campus in Australia.

Lyndsay Stanton

Lyndsay Stanton

Tutor, Working with Communities Programme:

University of Sheffield, UK

Heather McQueen

Heather McQueen

Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences and Academic Misconduct Officer, College of Science and Engineering:

University of Edinburgh, UK

Krishna Regmi

Krishna Regmi

Principal Lecturer, Public Health and Member, Academic Misconduct Panel:

University of Bedfordshire, UK

Using Self and Peer Feedback to Improve Academic Writing

Salim Razi

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education:

Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey

Salim teaches academic writing to English as a Foreign Language (EFL) learners at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey, and for the past five years has used Turnitin to address increasing levels of unoriginal work at the university and promote academic integrity.

Engaging learners with online feedback

Earle Abrahamson

Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy:

University of East London, UK

As a Senior Lecturer in Sports Therapy at the University of East London, UK Earle teaches in a very practical subject area where students often struggle with the concepts of academic writing. Earle uses Turnitin to model good academic writing for his students enabling them to understand that feedback is integral to the the learning process and not merely a by-product.

Alison Graham

Alison Graham

Lecturer, School of Biology:

Newcastle University: UK

Gail Carin-Levy

Gail Carin-Levy

Senior Lecturer, Occupational Therapy:

Queen Margaret University College, UK

Providing Online Training and Tutoring for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dr. Shannon Farris

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Saint Leo University

Students around the world flock to online writing classes taught by Dr. Shannon Farris. Farris’s live, online classes focus on increasing use of technology, including Turnitin Feedback Studio, in the classroom.

Improving Program-Level Assessments With Turnitin’s Rubrics

Elizabeth Jones

Business Professor

Notre Dame of Maryland University

Consistency in assessment is often a challenge, across time and across the institution. Elizabeth Jones uses Turnitin’s rubrics to facilitate course and program-level assessments and improve student learning outcomes.

Making Turnitin Feedback Studio Part of College Culture

Audrey Wick

English Professor

Blinn College, Texas

Audrey Wick has used Turnitin in her community college courses for over 10 years. “It’s part of our college culture.”

Simulating the Writing Process in Chemistry with Turnitin

Lafayette Eaton

Adjunct Chemistry Faculty

St. John Fisher College, New York

Faced with the challenge of giving feedback that explains complex concepts, Eaton uses Feedback Studio’s quickmarks to speed his grading process and improve student comprehension.

The “Socratic Method”: Understanding Sources with Turnitin Feedback Studio

Teresa Maybee

English Faculty

South University, Georgia

“We are now dealing with multitudes of underprepared students and students returning to college to change careers.” Turnitin Feedback Studio has helped encourage creative researching, critical thinking, and better composition.

Creating a Culture of Openness and Student Engagement in Writing

Brandi Harris

English Professor

North Lake College, Texas

Harris meets the challenges of literature classes, where scrutiny revolves around content, organization, and making sure the evidence students provide is good and solid.

Evaluating Student Work in Psychology Courses

Nayena Blankson

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Spelman College, Georgia

Blankson saves time and customizes her grading process with her own QuickMark sets, providing students with differentiated instrution.

Providing Targeted and Customized Feedback to Community College Students

Alan Loya

English Professor

Citrus College, California

Alan Loya explains how Turnitin can be used to customize feedback and prepare students to write at the university level.

Using Turnitin Feedback Studio as an Information Literacy Tool

Janice Webb

Associate Librarian

Coleman University, California

With a large contingent of information-technology students who are not help-seeking and who have trouble with citations, Webb engages them with instructional videos on plagiarism prevention and proper citation practices.

Promoting Original Writing for Undergraduate Freshman and Graduate Nursing Students

Jennifer Schroeder

Assistant Professor

Millikin University, Illinois

Schroeder uses Turnitin Feedback Studio to promote academic integrity, independent thought, and ethical reasoning for both undergraduate and graduate students.