Providing Targeted and Customized Feedback to Community College Students

Alan Loya

English Professor

Citrus College, California

Alan Loya explains how Turnitin can be used to customize feedback and prepare students to write at the university level.

Using Turnitin Feedback Studio as an Information Literacy Tool

Janice Webb

Associate Librarian

Coleman University, California

With a large contingent of information-technology students who are not help-seeking and who have trouble with citations, Webb engages them with instructional videos on plagiarism prevention and proper citation practices.

Promoting Original Writing for Undergraduate Freshman and Graduate Nursing Students

Jennifer Schroeder

Assistant Professor

Millikin University, Illinois

Schroeder uses Turnitin Feedback Studio to promote academic integrity, independent thought, and ethical reasoning for both undergraduate and graduate students.

An Open Learning Environment

Mary Lawson

Professor of English

Houston Community College, Texas

Lawson uses Turnitin not merely as a plagiarism checker, but as a tool to help students in the writing process. For Lawson, the most important thing is that the students learn and talk about effective writing practices and not that she catches her students cheating.