Originality Checking

Check students' work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it
against the world's largest academic database.


Access the Largest Database

Our database contains 58 billion web pages, 570 million student papers and 150 million articles from academic books and publications.
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Turnitin Database

Original Format

View the Submission in its
Original Format

Turnitin Feedback Studio preserves the original format of the submission, allowing instructors to view the student's original text, formatting, imagery and layout.

Understand What is Original and What Isn't

Turnitin Feedback Studio shows how much of the student's submission matches content from our databases so instructors can quickly understand how much content is unoriginal.

Turnitin OSI

Turnitin Match Overview

View Student's Sources

Unoriginal content is highlighted and color-coded, and the original source appears with the percentage of content originating from that source.

Change Settings
to Meet Your Needs

Control what information appears in your Originality Report by filtering out bibliographic, quoted or small match sizes.

Turnitin Filters and Settings

Cloud Submit

Submit from the Cloud

Students and instructors can submit assignments
from popular cloud platforms, such as GoogleDrive®
and DropBox.


View One Comprehensive Report

Instructors can easily move between or overlay originality results, grading marks and peer review comments to gain a fuller understanding of the student's work and avoid grading submissions that contain a high level of unoriginal content.


24/7 Access from a Web Browser

Turnitin Feedback Studio is completely online and available anytime through a standard web browser.

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