Public Speaking

Public Speaking Rubric

A widely applicable rubric for public speaking or presentations at any level and any topic.

This rubric utilizes the following criteria:

  • Statement of purpose: Does the presentation introduce and state the purpose or topic of the presentation?
  • Content organization: How well is the content organized and does it flow?
  • Support of ideas: How well are the presentation themes or main ideas supported?
  • Use of examples/evidence: How well do the examples/evidence provided support the presentation topic?
  • Summary of main ideas: How well does the presentation's summary reinforce the main themes or ideas?
  • Poise and demeanor: How well prepared does the presenter appear to be?
  • Clarity of speech: How clearly does the presenter present his/her ideas?
  • Use of appropriate vocabulary: How well does the presenter incorporate topically-specific terminology?
  • Use of tone, pacing, and volume: How appropriate is the presenter's tone, pace, and volume in presenting the topic?
  • Engagement of audience: How well does the presenter engage the audience?

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