Independent Novel Study and Presentation

Political Parties Project

Students select a novel to read independently from a provided "suggested reading" list, then create a reading log and two creative, authentic representations of their novel analysis to share with the class. Designed for Honors level grade 9 students, could be adapted to fit any secondary level students.

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Required elements for submission:

  • Annotations and Reading Log (Twenty Entries) – These notes may be written in a variety of formats but should focus on plot, theme, setting, characterization, and tone. First ten reading log entries will be submitted on Friday, May 31 and the second set of ten will be due Friday, June 7.
  • Radio Commercial – This 2 – 3 minute spoken presentation should “sell” your book to your classmates. It should include a brief excerpt from your novel, as well as compelling persuasive techniques designed to convince your audience that this is the most readable book on the market. The script must be typed, and should be timed before being presented in order to ensure that it meets the time limit. Sound effects, character voices, music, and other actors are optional.
  • Model/Mobile/Costume (Visual Aid) – The visual aid may be one of the three listed options and should be representative of the plot, theme, setting, and characters of the novel as a whole.

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Submitted by:
Marynn Dause
Teacher - Honors English 9 and Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature
King George High School
King George, Virginia

Marynn Dause is a linguistic, musical, kinesthetic learner and teacher, and she pours her heart and soul into every aspect of her classroom. Besides teaching classes, Marynn is also the Student Council adviser.