Right Based Approach for Human Development

Political Parties Project

Many Developing countries cannot realize the potential of their development because budgetary resources allocated for human development are not fully utilized. T his happens due to weak organization and capacities of beneficiary communities to demand their right for seeking full utilization of allocated budget. In a nutshell it shows how accumulation of social capital can lead to most effective form of utilization of other forms of capital and optimal performance of a developing economy.

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v Submitted by:
Fayyaz Baqir
Director of Social Development
Khter Hameed Khan Resource Centre
Islamabad, Pakistan

Fayyaz Baqir is Director of Akhter Hameed Khan Resource Centre (AHKRC). During the past three decades he has worked in senior management positions with United Nations and other development assistance agencies for improvement of environment, sustainable development and local governance. Fayyaz has served as Senior Advisor on Civil Society for UN Resident Coordinator’s Office and received Top Contributors Award from UNDP’s Global Poverty Reduction Network in 2007 and 2008 and an Outstanding Performance Award by UNDP Country Office in 2004 for creating a vibrant small grants programme in Pakistan. He has also led Programme development and review missions to Iran, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea and served as Asia-Pacific Coordinator for Small Grants Programme. He has taught courses at Georgetown University, Harvard University, University of Idaho, Quaid e Azam and National Defence University.