Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Academic Integrity | Latin America

Rubén More Valencia

Rubén More Valencia

Head of Academic Research Program: Universidad César Vallejo, Peru

“Our teachers that have worked with Turnitin consider it a very appropriate tool. Before, they hated some of those steps of revision, in part because of the obstacles posed by the limited time we have within each academic cycle. Now, teachers have enough time to review the discussion segment of the report, of the fieldwork and the data compilation. This has been a great improvement that we’ve noticed during the time that we’ve been using Turnitin.”

In the Universidad César Vallejo, Rubén coordinates the research department in the Piura campus. Upon adopting Turnitin in his institution, the number of research articles published by members of the institution has almost tripled. Before using Turnitin, members of the institution would spend a large amount of time revising papers, sometimes taking a whole year to publish. Before adopting Turnitin, the annual publication rate averaged around eight articles per year. By June of 2016, the Universidad produced 18 research articles that are about to be published in a scientific journal. This increase - 2.5 times the previous rate - is unheard of at the Universidad César Vallejo, and they did it in only half a year. Imagine what the next few years will bring!

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