Global Innovation Awards 2016: Winner

Category: Academic Integrity | Higher Education | UK

Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown

Lecturer in Education & Secondary Teacher Education Programme Leader: UCL Institute of Education, London

“It's quite a holistic view that we are taking...and it’s been very, very successful.”

Nicole’s students come from around the world to be a part of the master’s degree program in secondary education. They eventually return to their countries to teach, which means Nicole’s reach as an educator is far and wide. She has prioritized teaching academic integrity because she wants her students to be able to uphold high academic standards and be prepared to teach their future students around the globe to do the same.

Because her students come from all over the globe, they have differing views on what constitutes plagiarism. Students from Tajikistan, for example, don’t automatically understand the conventions used within the UK, she says. Turnitin makes it easy for them to visualize what she’s talking about when teaching them about the importance of originality. At a glance they can see matches between their content and someone else’s work, along with all of her feedback, including audio comments and symbols from a custom system she has created.

To help her students really grasp the idea of academic integrity, she and her colleague Rosalind Janssen have created a comprehensive, three-hour workshop focused on the topic. It’s been so successful among students that Nicole and Rosalind initiated a workshop for colleagues to teach them how to leverage Turnitin to promote academic integrity in their classrooms. Other universities, including Oxford University, have expressed interest in what they are offering, and Nicole is currently working with an international secondary school to build a module for sixth-form students.

“It's quite a holistic view that we are taking with the workshop, and it’s been very, very successful.”

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