Global Innovation Awards 2017: Honorable Mention

Category: Moving Forward with Integrity | Asia

National Institute of Technology

National Institute of Technology, India

Nominated by: Bhojaraju Gunjal, Head & Deputy Librarian

“Usage has been increasing year after year.”

The National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, is a premiere institution under MHRD, that caters to science, technology, management and Social Sciences via academic research and by graduating skilled engineers and scientists. The Head and Deputy Librarian at the university, Dr. Bhojaraju Gunjal, says the university’s credibility rests on the quality of that research and the integrity of its researchers. He manages a team of library staff who help and oversee users, to check thesis and other scholarly assets, new quality initiatives, and training and support for Turnitin.

The library is well-positioned to advance research by connecting with all departments and providing research support. The university subscribed to Turnitin a few years ago to help manage academic integrity, whether for collaborative publications, theses, or class projects.

Gunjal says the library offers annual introductions to Turnitin and regular workshops to ensure that faculty and researchers know how to use all the features. “Usage has been increasing year after year,” he says, though it is primarily used by serious scholars. However, a mechanism from Turnitin can be provided to library team itself to monitor its usage on regular basis.

Most users are already aware of the importance of academic integrity, Gunjal says, so if there’s a high similarity in content found, it often has to do with incorrect settings. He and his library team always encourage users to come in as needed for demos, so they know how to modify default settings and use the software to meet their needs.

Among students, awareness of both the importance of academic integrity and how to use Turnitin to safeguard it has steadily increased over time, says Gunjal. A couple of challenges that still need to be addressed by Turnitin, he says, include dealing with users who try to cheat the system in detecting the copied content by changing the words and images. Turnitin is always working to stay one step ahead of tricks and cheats but cautions that the best defense is always offense, which is why its feedback and other educator-support features are so important. Gunjal agrees and says that teaching critical writing and academic values are a huge focus of the institute to maintain academic integrity.

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