Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Academic Integrity | Higher Education | North America

Nara Martirosyan

Nara Martirosyan

Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership: Sam Houston State University, Texas

Dr. Martirosyan teaches a course called Academic Writing and Research to a specialized student population: post-secondary education professionals (ranging from instructors to administrators) from all over the United States who are already practitioners in their fields, but who are also pursuing their doctoral degrees. She faces unique challenges since her students have varying degrees of familiarity with academic scholarly writing, and they bring with them different perceptions and understandings of academic integrity. However, she has embraced Feedback Studio in a formative context to overcome these hurdles very effectively. Dr. Martirosyan has her students submit drafts and run similarity checks multiple times, encouraging them to constantly revise. Her aim is to have her students make the tool a part of their “academic lives.” Having been an ESL student who also worked with Turnitin while she was studying, she is in a unique position to sympathize with her students and lead them along a path towards improvement and integrity.

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