Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Student Engagement | Europe

María Soria

María Soria

Director of Behavioural Sciences & Academic Director of Psychology Degree: Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Spain

“Right from the beginning of a course we use Turnitin to clearly show students where they have gone wrong.”

María teaches and directs many master’s level classes in the Behavioral Science Department at her university, which is a leading online university for Spanish-speaking students around the world. Maria says they started using Turnitin services in 2012, initially to control plagiarism, but not in a punitive way. She says many students were committing plagiarism without even knowing it; they just needed to be taught proper methods of attribution.

“Right from the beginning of a course we use Turnitin to clearly show students where they may have gone wrong,” says Maria, explaining that students and lecturers work together in a digital space where they can analyze each comment.

She says comments are clear for all to see, and feedback is now based on explicit, objective criteria linked to a custom rubric. The transparency has cut down on arguments with students, she says, and the quality of work has improved. They’ve aligned assessment around parameters such as the theoretical framework, structure (including methodology and bibliography), and use of language. Thanks to these efforts, supported by Turnitin, María says students are learning the appropriate skills to be able to stand before a panel of academic judges and defend their final projects with confidence.

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