Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Academic Integrity | K12 | North America

Jennifer Bigioni

Jennifer Bigioni

Educational Media Specialist: Princeton High School Learning Commons, Princeton Public Schools, New Jersey

According to Jen Bigioni, Educational Media Specialist and former social studies teacher at Princeton High School, if students plagiarize, teachers have no concept of what students truly know or don't know. As much as it is a moral issue, plagiarism is an academic one. It illustrates the frustration that she's seen students encounter when dealing with a situation where they don't know, or don't know enough. For Jen, it's this very "frustration" that's so important, because it's in that moment of frustration that students are going to learn something. If they opt to plagiarize, they miss that opportunity.

Turnitin has been used at Princeton for over a decade now, and Jen has played a big part in helping teachers to learn how to use the program to support student understanding of how to use information appropriately. More than just a "gotcha" tool, Turnitin is part of a larger effort that the school is undertaking to look at how teachers evaluate student work--how more emphasis can be placed on the students' learning process when completing assignments--rather than just looking at strict outcomes.

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