Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Academic Integrity | Latin America

Diego Hernández

Diego Hernández

Research Professor: Universidad de Manizales, Colombia

“I can receive a document today and spend a maximum of two or three days reviewing it and be sure of the details due to the use of the tool; the time has diminished by 70% - 80% in comparison to when we didn’t use it.”

As professor and researcher at the Centre for Research on the Environment and Development at the Universidad de Manizales in Colombia, Diego looks at the quality of the original research conducted by his students. It is a requirement in Colombia for universities to maintain their accreditation by researching and publishing scholarly articles in internationally recognized academic journals. As a lecturer, Diego understands that every student is expected to develop the necessary writing skills to help meet this requirement. To do this, he uses Turnitin to evaluate the method and quality of the work in relation to the results he gets, measuring the reliability of the references in particular. The agility that it lends to the entire evaluation process as well as the day-to-day development of projects is evident in the reduced time period in which it now takes to evaluate work. His use of the tool has ultimately made the evaluation process easier, both in developing his students’ work and his own.

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