Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Student Engagement | Higher Education | North America

Debi Hall

Debi Hall

Adjunct Professor of English: Moreno Valley College & California/Riverside Community College District, California

Debi Hall teaches a very diverse and multicultural body of students in her online English classes, many of whom know English as a second language. She finds that her teaching is most effective when she adjusts it to the particular culture of the students she is teaching. For instance, students from ideographic societies benefit greatly in their paragraph formation when instructed to think of paragraphs as “units of action.” As another example, students who speak Farsi need initial help in being accustomed to the actual physical task of writing left-to-right. In these ways, Professor Hall helps her learners prepare to write with a higher level of quality.

Professor Hall takes the same approach to teaching about academic integrity, since all cultures have different perspectives on how to define and employ it. She believes that the majority of students do not intend to plagiarize, and the best way to help them avoid it is through formative instruction and practice. Allowing her students to view and use their Similarity Reports as reference, she places strong focus on citation and evaluating source material. In this way, she uses Turnitin to link those cultures together, to support her teaching style, and to support her students in developing their English writing skills. 

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