Global Innovation Awards 2017: Winner

Category: Moving Forward with Integrity | North America

Campbell University

Campbell University Online, North Carolina

Nominated by: Nicole Winget, Academic Counselor

“Campbell University Online uses the Turnitin process to make sure that our students know expectations and are held accountable.”

<p“Diverse.” That’s how Nicole Winget describes the student body at Campbell University Online. She serves there as Academic Counselor, in addition to teaching courses for Campbell University’s online and main-campus Homeland Security and Criminal Justice programs. The online program attracts a lot of working professionals and remote students, which she says come from all over the world. She keeps a globe dotted with tacks in each area where she has students – “literally all over the world” – including active-duty soldiers in Afghanistan.

Whether students are in a traditional program or pursuing credentials online, Winget says Campbell University is committed to graduating exemplary students who are prepared for purposeful lives and meaningful service. One of the ways she and her colleagues ensure that online students experience the same quality education as on-campus students is through a relatively new “Campbell Online Seminar”. It’s a first-term course designed to introduce students to the tools they will be using, such as Turnitin, and the university’s expectations, which include abiding by certain values such as honesty and integrity.

One of the unique assignments in that freshman seminar is for all students to submit an intentionally plagiarized paper to Turnitin. This activity illustrates how the program works and starts a conversation about the importance of original work. “Most of my students who have plagiarized have done it out of ignorance,” says Winget, explaining that many have never been taught how to properly reference researched material. She says the idea is not to scare students but to show them how Turnitin reports and feedback can improve their work and help them prevent accidental plagiarism.:

“Academic integrity is of the utmost importance to our institution,” says Winget. “Campbell University Online uses the Turnitin process to make sure that our students know expectations and are held accountable.” She says Campbell’s online program is at the forefront of innovation in online education and supporting all students to be set up for success.

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