Global Innovation Awards 2016: Honorable Mention

Category: Writing Improvement | Latin America

Andrés Coronel Calderón

Andrés Coronel Calderón

Student: Unidad Educativa Santana, Ecuador

“I remember that once I hadn’t used the correct style to quote in an interview. [My professor] added a comment with a link to a page where I could read about how to do it correctly. It’s not just about making a mistake but also about learning. Thanks to online correction, I could improve on my paper. So, feedback is really important. It’s a real advantage to get your teacher's recommendations in such a dynamic way and to see your mistake and understand it.”

Andrés was nominated by his professor Dariel Díaz Arce at the Unidad Educativa Santana in Ecuador. Dariel said Andrés’ academic writing, critical thinking and research skills improved greatly over the time he has had him as a student. Both Andres and Dariel credit part of this improvement and success to Turnitin’s feedback tools.

“His improved academic writing helped him obtain the International Baccalaureate Diploma,” says Dariel.

When Andrés writes essays they are sent to Spain to be graded under the standards of the International Baccalaureate. Through the use of Turnitin, he can see his own mistakes and easily correct them. His achievements are measured by an international standard, which increases his ability to work or study internationally and, perhaps more importantly, boosts his confidence in his writing abilities. He feels more confident when writing and uploading his work, as he knows it is of a high standard, sources are correctly cited, and quotes are attributed, which together increases the value of the work he hands in.

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