An Open Learning Environment

Promoting Academic Integrity and Effective Writing Practices

An Open Learning Environment

Mary Lawson

Professor of English Houston Community College, Texas

"As I've gotten more mature in my teaching, I wanted to use Turnitin to aid students in the writing process. I feel very strongly that writing has to be a process."

"Self-reflection I think is a really important part of the process." Mary Lawson, a Community College instructor in southwest Texas, encounters students who struggle with proper writing practices. "Originally, I would stand at the front of the room and lecture on plagiarism for two days, and honestly, it just didn’t sink in."

Feedback Studio has changed the conversation for her. She's able to review student work in one-on-one conferences and review potentially plagiarized content with students, to reinforce the idea of proper citation and effective paraphrasing.

"I have an incredible number of ESL students in my classes, and one of the things that’s very difficult for them to understand is 'well if I use it, they think that if they use the work that’s a form of flattery.'" Lawson overcomes these cultural gaps using Feedback Studio to create a dialogue and raise awareness. "I think that all writing is a process, and I think that being critical of yourself and reflecting on your own writing is a very large part of that process."