North America

Tony Russell

Tony Russell

Central Oregon Community College, Oregon

With Turnitin’s voice comments, Russell extends his ability to have face-to-face-like feedback for his commuter students, clarifies understanding of the written feedback he gives, and empowers students with more personalized feedback.

Engaging Assignments and Digital Literacy Scaffolding with Turnitin

Jessica Thur

English Teacher

Dutch Fork High School, South Carolina

Jessica Thur uses the source matching information she receives in Feedback Studio to initiate a conversation with her students about academic honesty, critical thinking, and information literacy.

Opening a Dialogue About Plagiarism for Parents and Students

Amy Mahoney

English Teacher

Mahopac Central School District, New York

Amy Mahoney says she wants students to “rely on their own thinking… and not on sources or on each other.” Mahoney uses Feedback Studio as a deterrent and also a teaching tool, to initiate discussions about authentic work and original thought.

Feedback and Collaboration in a Connected Classroom

Cindy Garraway

Language Arts Teacher

Sandra Day O’Connor High School, Arizona

“At my school, we’re tech-rich,” says Cynthia Garraway. Every student in her classroom has an iPad. Garraway has adapted her instruction to take advantage of technology, connecting students and keeping them engaged.

Encouraging Critical Analysis in STEM Classes with Turnitin

Diane Marturano

AP Chemistry Teacher

Wayne Valley High School

“Chemistry being the first, true lab science most of our students are hit with, it’s a real shock when it comes to a lab requirement.” Marturano meets this challenge by focusing on hands-on assignments to deepen understanding of scientific concepts.

Beyond Red Ink: Inspiring Improvement in Students with Turnitin

Ryan Novak

English Teacher

Kenston Public Schools

Novak has developed a strategy of downloading the comments he uses for each student, and uses those statistics to identify student strengths and weaknesses. He can see class-wide trends, but the insights Feedback Studio provides help him pinpoint skills a specific student struggles with and provide actionable, targeted feedback to encourage improvement.

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