White House and Department of Education Recognize Turnitin Revision Assistant Among Other Leaders Seeking to Improve Testing in Education

Event gathered ideas, showcased products that improve learning outcomes through smarter assessment and technology integration

Turnitin received special recognition at the White House this week for its formative writing product Turnitin Revision Assistant. Revision Assistant extends the reach of teachers by giving students immediate, actionable and substantive feedback as they write.

On December 7, the Department of Education and The White House hosted teachers and their students along with industry and legislative leaders for the Innovative Assessment Tech Jam in Washington D.C. to model best practices and technology leading to better, fewer, and fairer assessments. Revision Assistant was one of a small group of new educational technology products featured at the event because it fits the model for educational resources teachers can use to inform instructional practices with innovative, relevant assessment ties.

Revision Assistant uniquely fits this vision for education technology because it evaluates the quality of a student’s writing not to assign a score. Instead, Revision Assistant uses natural language processing to evaluate an essay and compare it to a rubric of standards, then it instantly gives four pieces of specific feedback highlighting areas of strength and areas to improve the essay. The student can then make their next version better and call for another review to get new feedback. Students can call for as many “Signal Checks” and rewrite their essays as many times as they like. In a pilot study, students averaged 10 revisions using Revision Assistant.

"We’re honored that The White House and Department of Education recognized Turnitin Revision Assistant as a tool to evaluate writing for the express purpose of giving constructive feedback," said Elijah Mayfield, vice president of new technology for Turnitin and the brainchild behind Revision Assistant. "In our studies, teachers found Revision Assistant opens the door to deeper conversations about effective writing and improves the quality of writing students were submitting."

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) is the government agency leading source for rigorous, independent education research, and it evaluates products for their educational effectiveness. In 2014, Revision Assistant was awarded grants from IES and the Gates Foundation to advance the practice of using technology to support process of learning to write. Today, the product serves over 2 million students and through partnerships with the College Board®, supports the SAT writing practice on Khan Academy®.

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