Sierra Murch

Mobile, Alabama, US | May 12-13, 2014

South Alabama Conference on
Teaching and Learning

The Fourth Annual South Alabama Conference on Teaching and Learning will showcase high quality, engaging, and innovative pedagogy among attendees. The theme for this year's conference is "Motivation & Multimedia." The conference will feature panel discussions on the Function of Higher Education at the Present Time and the Future of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Turnitin's U.S. Higher Education Regional Account Manager, Sierra Murch, will be providing live demonstrations from the exhibit area.

Juan Valladaresheadshot-sierra-murch Sherwin Williams

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | May 25-27

Association of Canadian Community Colleges Conference

"Collaboration, Innovation, Transformation" is our theme for the ACCC 2014 Conference, providing an opportunity for attendees to network and discuss current higher education issues and trends. Learn about leading-edge practices in teaching and learning, quality, governance, leadership and collaborative partnerships through a mix of Keynotes, Workshops, Lightning Talks, and the Innovative eLearning Applications and Adaptive Technologies Showcase.

Turnitin's Higher Education Regional Account Managers, Juan Valladeres and Sherwin Williams, will be providing live demonstrations from booth 27 in the exhibit hall.

Shawn Lowney

Ithaca, New York, US | May 27-30, 2014

Conference on Instruction and Technology

The Conference on Instruction & Technology (CIT) is SUNY's largest and most prominent event on instructional technology in educating, providing a forum for faculty, instructional support professionals, and policymakers to present, discuss, and explore innovative avenues for integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment. The theme for CIT 2014 Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear: Reflection, Innovation, and Learning. Turnitin's U.S. Higher Education Regional Account Manager, Shawn Lowney, will be providing live demonstrations and co-presenting a session.

6th International Integrity and Plagiarism Conference

The Sage Gateshead UK | June 16-18, 2014

6th International Integrity and Plagiarism
Conference (6IIPC)

Plagiarism Advice and Turnitin are pleased to announce that registration for the 6IIPC is now open. The biennial event, organized by, brings together experts from across the globe to discuss best practice, policy and perceptions around plagiarism.

The 6IIPC will showcase groundbreaking research by world-renowned academics in a series of keynote sessions featuring:

Dan Ariely: Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics, Duke University, USA

Tricia Bertram Gallant: Academic Integrity Coordinator, University of California, USA

Will Murray: Senior Vice President Product and International, Turnitin, UK

Adrian Slater: Solicitor and Head of Legal Services, University of Leeds, UK

Schoology NEXT Conference

Denver, Colorado, US | June 24-25, 2014

Schoology NEXT User Conference

Schoology's first annual user conference is a hands-on collaboration between educators, thought leaders, and technology experts. Through keynote speeches from leaders in education technology, insightful breakout sessions, and interactive discussions, attendees will dive into the innovative learning models, technologies, and best practices that are transforming education around the world.

Shawn Lowney

Boston, Massachusetts, US | July 28-31, 2014

Campus Technology Conference

Campus Technology 2014 is the annual conference for higher education technology professionals focused on the technologies driving student success and educational advancement both in and out of the classroom. At Campus Technology you will find the latest information and actionable intelligence that can help position your campus on the cutting edge of 21st century education, enterprise and infrastructure technology.

Turnitin's U.S. Higher Education Regional Account Manager, Shawn Lowney, will be providing live demonstrations.

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Jake Orlowitz

Monday, April 21, 2014

Student Online Research and Critical Thinking: Wikipedia in Education

Featuring Jake Orlowitz, editor/administrator of Wikipedia

During this session, you'll gain insight into the site's founding pillars and core policies, its importance to the free knowledge movement, as well as its internal debates and challenges, particularly when used in an educational setting.

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